What does equitable and sustainable sharing of water resources entail in local and global contexts?

Interdisciplinary and participative workshops and events in cooperation with the Natural History Museum,the Volkskundemuseum, and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, November 2022 – May 2023.

Three glasses and a decanter of water.

In the winter-workshops 2022/23, three valuable models of sharing water are examined: The commons (water as a common good), peacemaking through mediation in water conflicts (BluePeace Initiative), and the inclusion of a “more-than-human” community by establishing rights for water bodies/ecosystems.

For the spring-events 2023 these approaches are made usable for new concepts of dealing with water at a global scale.

Under the aspect of the external “water footprint”, which maps the global connections of water consumption, water scarcity and water conflicts, strategies are developed that can be effective at the levels of awareness raising, cooperation and alliances, and legislation.

Testing the playanddecide game "Blue Gold"
Testing the playanddecide game "Blue Gold"

SDGs and cooperation partners

The events are part of the SGD programmes of the two museums (17×17 ICOM, 10×17 Museums Vienna), the SDG focus of Austria’s universities (UniNEtZ, Options Report), and the strategic partnership between Austria and Switzerland in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


The public program starts in November 2022. The workshops are addressed to pupils, students and interested parties, the Innovation Hub at the Natural History Museum to experts from science, art, politics and industry. The final event in May 2023 will be public and take place at the Volkskundemuseum Vienna.

25.11.2022,3-6 p.m.
in cooperation with the Swiss delegation of the OSCE and UN, Vienna.

University of Applied Arts Vienna, House for Art and Science (former PSK), seminar room 34, Georg-Coch-Platz 2, raised ground floor (Hochparterre), 1010 Vienna

The public workshop is part of the lecture program „It’s possible, it’s possible“, Doz. Elisabeth Kopf, University of Applied Arts, Vienna,  International Studies for Sustainable Developments.
Registration required:

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Workshop “Commons & Co-Creation”
Sharing Water in the Museum.

Interdisciplinary exchange and discussion workshop. Invited guests only.
Mag. Magdalena Puchberger (Volkskundemuseum) in cooperation with Prof. Konrad Kuhn, University of Innsbruck.
Volkskundemuseum Vienna

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17.2.2023, 3-5 p.m.
Workshop: “The Voice of Water Bodies”
Legal Standing for Rivers.

How do we know about the state a water body is in? And how can we protect water bodies most efficiently from being polluted and damaged?
A workshop with the possibility to observe tiny water organisms indicating water quality, and to talk to Austrian “climate advocate” Michaela Krömer, who is committed to create legal standings for ecosystems.

In cooperation with Mag. A. LL M (Harvard) Michaela Krömer
Natural History Museum, Deck 50, information here
Public event, registration required. Register here.

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22.3.2023, 6 p.m.
Book Presentation
“Das Wasserbuch. Überschwemmungen, Dürre, Gletscherschwund. Vier Expeditionen im Herzen Europas.”
Mathias Plüss, Regina Hügli, Echtzeit, 2022

Swiss Embassy in Vienna.
Presentation by Regina Hügli, special guest: Mag. Christian Maslo, University of Vienna, head of the Water School Vienna.

Public Event, registration required.

25.4.2023, 9.30 am – 6 pm
SHARING WATER Innovation Hub:
Transdisciplinary Expert Workshop on
New Concepts of Sharing Water

Invited guests only, Natural History Museum, Deck 50.

The “Innovation Hub” is a full-day workshop with about 40 experts, where the term “expertise” is rethought and used in a new way. Water experts are people who can bring an important perspective to the conversation through their experience with water and/or their professional knowledge. The fields of science, art, economy, politics and education are represented, but also farmers, hairdressers or pupils, young people who are committed to water.

Through transdisciplinarity, a more precise understanding of the connections around water as a resource is gained.
In a co-creative approach, strategies are developed that can be effective at the levels of awareness raising, cooperation and alliances, and legislation.

25.5.2023, 2-9 pm
Public Event

Volkskundemuseum Vienna.

At the SHARING WATER Open Day at the Volkskundemuseum the concepts and insights of the Innovation Hub will be presented to the public with an invitation to participate in the co-creating process.

Artistic performances, interventions, and various other participative formats in the museum and in the street area invite the public to get informed, play, try out and share ideas and questions. In the evening, impulse speeches and discussion are offered with panelists from the ranks of Innovation Hub participants.

Preview: November 2023
in cooperation with UniNEtZ, the University of Applied Arts and the Swiss delegation of the OSCE and UN, Vienna.

Cross-disciplinary workshop for students of various universities
at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, in cooperation with UniNEtZ.
Public event.

The events are supported by funds of the Embassy of Switzerland in Austria, the Swiss Mission of the OSCE in Vienna, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs, and the Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Republic of Austria.

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