Regina Hügli is a Swiss photographer based in Vienna and the initiator of SHARING WATER.
She studied art history and science of religion at the universities of Berne and Zurich and graduated in the field of photography at the university of art and design, Zurich, in 2002.

Since then, she has been working internationally for magazines, companies and institutions in the field of portraiture and reports. Her free, artistic work has been shown at various exhibitions.

In the last years water has been a central topic of her interest. She is fascinated both by water as a concrete matter, with its physical qualities and behaviour, and water, flow and circuits as metaphors for processes of consiousness and memory. On this, Regina Hügli has curated two interdisciplinary group-exhibitions and workshops (Reservoir, Rising-up-Flowing-down), and published a book containing scientific and artistic approaches on water and memory. 

SHARING WATER is her third and latest project on water, interdisciplinary again, but shifting the focus to an even more investigative and activist approach. To support her engagement in behalf of water, she has founded the association ONE BODY OF WATER in 2022.

Mathias Plüss and Regina Hügli at the wild river Beverin.

Regina Hügli and Mathias Plüss at the wild river Beverin.


Mathias Plüss is a Swiss freelance science journalist. He studied physics, mathematics and musicology at the Universities of Zurich and Cracow. After attending the Ringier School of Journalism, he worked as an editor at Aargauer Zeitung and Weltwoche.

Since 2008 he has been a freelancer, especially for Das Magazin and Annabelle (Tamedia), where he has his own columns. He is also a lecturer at the Media Training Centre MAZ in Lucerne. He has won numerous prizes, such as the Axel Springer Prize (2005), the Prix Media of the Academies (2007, 2009, 2014), the Journalism Prize Berg.Welten (2017) and the Media Prize Aargau/Solothurn (2018).

Mathias Plüss has broad interests. Recently he has written mainly on environmental topics, but also on biology, technology, history, brain research and Eastern Europe. He has worked with the photographer and initiator of the SHARING WATER project, Regina Hügli, for many years, including in the predecessor project RESERVOIR.


Barbara Anna Husar is an Austrian visual artist, performer, director and author. She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, received the Austrian State Scholarship and is Hubert Berchtold Award winner.

In SHARING WATER, Barbara Anna Husar takes the role of the artistic navigator, steering on the flow of information,  interweaving her personal work and network.
Moreover she developes sensual topographies from hydrological maps and will perform a celestial sign at the triple points with her hot air balloon FLYING UDDER


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