SHARING WATER is an ongoing transdisciplinary project. We explore the meaning of sharing a resource we all depend on – as individuals and communities, sharing with both humans and nonhuman stakeholders.

SHARING WATER combines three approaches:  we investigate social, environmental and political issues at waterhead regions in Europe, we foster and exhibit artistic work and organize transdisciplinary events.

The continental waterdivide is the geographic hook of our project, as well as a symbol of sharing, which includes both dividing and connecting qualities.
The question of SHARING WATER is of great topicality and explosiveness, which is reflected in the metaphorical meaning of the watershed as a moment of decision or tipping point.

For our investigation we travelled to four locations along the European Watershed, focusing on political, ecological and cultural topics connected to water and water treatment. The investigation was published in 2022.

The selected locations were hydrological hotspots. At Klepáč mountain (CZ/PL), Pass Lunghin (CH), Witen­wasseren­stock (CH) and the Plateau de Langres (FR), three major river basins part, leading the water to three different seas. In the sourroundings of these “triple points”, we found water reservoirs and sources of various streams and rivers shaping European geography, water supply and, in history, its cultural landscape.

Our team, Regina Hügli (project initiator and photographer) and Mathias Plüss (journalist), visited these four triple points and their neighbourhood between 2019 – 2021. Key questions of the investigation were the conflicts of interest regarding water usage, management and water quality. Conflicts rising from collisions of economical, ecological and sociological points of view. 

Moreover, SHARING WATER offers opportunities to artists to collaborate and Joint field-research at the waterhead regions. The traveling exhibition SHARING WATER curated by Regina Hügli presented artistic contributions at regional art spaces close to the triple points in 2021-2023. The traveling exhibition aimed to interconnect the four regions and raise awareness for the treatment of water bodies and water resources.

To foster the cross-border flow of information on behalf of the fluid resource, the project also organizes interdisciplinary events with scientists, artists, local and international experts and activists.

Barbara Anna Husar (ultracontemporary artist) is the artistic navigator accompanying the project.  She steers on the flow of information of SHARING WATER, interweaving her personal work and network.

Lago Lunghin with tents

The project has been supported in its various stages by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Association for Science-Journalism, The House of Switzerland in Multilateral Vienna, the Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Austria, the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs, Austria, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, Austria, Bildrecht GmbH Austria, Amt für Kultur, Kanton Uri (CH), Dätwyler Foundation (CH), Amt für Kultur Graubünden (CH), Municipality of Surses (CH).

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