SHARING WATER is an ongoing investigative art project at four locations along the European Watershed, focusing on political, ecological and cultural topics connected to water and water treatment.

The selected locations are geological hotspots Klepáč mountain (CZ/PL), Pass Lunghin (CH), Witen­wasseren­stock (CH) and the Plateau of Langres (FR), three hydrological basins part, leading the water to three different seas. In their sourroundings, we find the sources of various major rivers shaping European geography, water supply and, in history, its cultural landscape.

Regina Hügli (project initiator and photographer) and Mathias Plüss (journalist) visit these four hotspots and their neighbourhood for several days in summer 2019 and 2020. Key questions of our investigation are the conflicts of interest regarding water usage, management and water quality that rise from collisions of economical, ecological and sociological points of view.

The products of our work will be presented in 2021/2020 in a publication and a touring exhibition, which is going to reconnect the four regions and foster the flow of information between them.

The publication and exhibition will also include contributions by artists working on the topic of water and environmental consciousness. The artworks are curated by Regina Hügli.

Barbara Anna Husar (multimedia-artist) is the artistic navigator,  steering on the flow of information of SHARING WATER.

Lago Lunghin with tents

The project is supported by the Swiss Confederation, Amt für Kultur, Kanton Uri (CH), Dätwyler Foundation (CH) and the BKA Austria.