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Regina Hügli and Mathias Plüss at the Swiss Embassy Vienna.

Regina Hügli and Mathias Plüss of SHARING WATER and guest speaker Prof. Christian Körner of the University of Basel were presenting their projects and knowledge to a large audience at the residence of Swiss ambassador Walter Haffner in Vienna.

Many topics were brought in connection: the European water household, protection of ecosystems, forest growth, the human intervention to landscapes and their consequences. And most of all: the meaning of sharing responsibility for nature and resources and the difference we can make both as individuals and communities.

We are very happy about the enthusiastic feedback of our audience and are looking forward to proceed and share our work in future presentations. Thank you so much to all our supporters!




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Biologist Prof. Christian Körner
Swiss ambassador Walter Haffner and Tamar Haffner, REGINA HÜGLI and Mathias Plüss

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