Ritual of Earth

After a long while of waiting finally March 16th 2022 the suitable weather- and wind-constellation emerged to unfold the RITUAL FOR EARTH with the hot air balloon FLYING UDDER of Austrian artist Barbara Anna Husar above Swiss Pass Lunghin. During the three-hour crossing of the Alps, the balloon was powered by a warm wind stream from the Sahara, and landed safely in the stadium of the sport center of Sondrio, Italy.

Hovering above the triple watershed at the Pass, Barbara Anna Husar handed over 1001 leaves of trees with wishes of children for the future of the earth to the wind and the three directions of flow of of the water originating there – Inn (Danube), Mera (Po) and Julia (Rhine). The bodies of water rising there carry the messages of the children with them to the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Love - wish for the Ritual of Earth

By this ritual act, the Austrian artist uses the radius of this central nodepoint in Europe’s hydrology to spread wishes of peace, hope and a respectful relationship with Earth’s resources. Thus she makes a powerful statement about the interconnectedness of all lifeforms and water as a messenger connecting them. The RITUAL FOR EARTH is inspired by the Tibetan Lung-Ta ritual. When crossing passes, good wishes for this world are handed over to the wind with the saying “Lha gye lo” – The Gods will prevail.

“PEACE is one of the most wished wishes sent to us by the children and MILKYWAYS OF PEACE we want to send into the hearts of the people with our RITUAL FOR EARTH.”  Barbara Anna Husar 

No war -wish Ritual for Earth

The RITUAL FOR EARTH is Barbara Anna Husar’s contribution to the WATER SHARING project, and thus opens a new level of artistic activism by creating a ritual to bundle the mental force of collective wish.

“The water circulating through earth, sky, sea and all life forms invites us to understand that we are all connected. We are all parts of one body, and each part has an effect on the whole. Thus, the thoughts and wishes of children are a spiritual force that we trust. They are a strong message to all people and to the Earth itself. The RITUAL FOR EARTH bundles the children’s power above the nodepoint at Pass Lunghin for a peaceful future on our planet.” Regina Hügli, SHARING WATER project.

We would like to thank all the children and adults participating for their powerful contribution of messages and wishes!

Watch the video of the collected wishes for Earth, which were delivered on March 16th 2022 to the wind and the directions of flow: