Mediterranean Sea, Corfu GR

I started working on the theme of water in 2013. Since then I have realised a number of projects, exhibitions, events, a book (and soon a second one). During this time, I have observed that my way of working has changed. Increasingly I work in cooperation, networks, interdisciplinary. The connecting, communicating qualities of water seem to have seeped into my inner being and influenced my personal approach. My interest in water has also increased my awareness of the responsibility we have towards water as a resource – a political and social dimension.

Consequently, at the turn of the year 2021/2022 I decided to expand my sphere of activity once again and found the association ONE BODY OF WATER.


The Association ONE BODY OF WATER wants to create awareness for a vision of fundamental connectedness, and supports impulses that aim to treat water and all life forms with respect.

Water is a single, large, circulating body – a body of water that circulates through the atmosphere and the earth and through all life forms, connecting the organic with the inorganic.

This body is in constant, inner motion, in flux, transmitting dynamic and communicating forces of action to all interconnected vessels and waterways.

This vision of interconnectedness of ONE BODY OF WATER stands in contrast to anthropocentric visions of separateness, or notions of control and dominance. The association aims to make the vision of connectedness the guiding principle for action and thus for the creation of new realities.


Regina Hügli, January 1st 2022